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foobar2000 revolutionized PC audio players, now foobar2000 will evolve onto mobile phones & tablets.

foobar2000 is developed by accomplished coder Peter Pawlowski, the story behind foobar2000's rise to prominence is a simple one, having previously worked on core components for Winamp, it became apparent that there was a demand for a more complete player, the rest is history. foobar2000 has enjoyed meteoric success and is the most used audio player outside of iTunes.

foobar on the PC, one player, many faces

Joining the foobar2000 mobile team is Steve 'Spoon-' Elkins, founder of dBpoweramp, which started out as an audio player fifteen years ago, a player with a number of world firsts, such as first player to add star ratings to an audio library, first player to have smart playlists aka Genius playlists. dBpoweramp evolved over the years into a Music Converter and CD Ripper.

Our third developer to join the team is Chris 'kode54' Moeller, programming since the 1990s, starting with an Apple II+ and Basic/6502 assembly. Chris has been Influential in a number of projects over the years, including a number of console emulators, and most notably, has made a sizable contribution to foobar2000 PC.

The combined user base of foobar2000 and dBpoweramp numbers over 70 million. Rest assured the foobar2000 mobile development team is proven and more select 'star' developers will be added using the proceeds of this fundraiser.

Where do contributions go? equipping developers with the necessary hardware required to develop on the respective platforms and paying the developers a living salary. A graphics designer will also be brought into the project to help design the UI.

foobar2000 mobile will be built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, giving the opportunity to adapt specifically to the mobile platform. Our first funding goal is the development of iOS, Android & Windows Mobile foobar2000.

Design for mobile foobar2000 has commenced and will continue during the fundraiser.

                    $100000 iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone Funding Goal

                    $200000 Social Funding Goal

                    $300000 Cloud Management Goal

Check out these rewards on offer for backing foobar2000:

All backers receive access to the private mobile foobar2000 forum, engage in a hot bed of discussion, perhaps your great ideas can be incorporated into the final design!

foobar2000 framed artwork (design subject to change), signed by the development team, exclusive for Founders and Skin Designers.

Reward Delivery Schedule

The first foobar2000 alpha for iOS is expected three months after the fundraiser ends, with the android alpha two months later. Windows Phone release will be two months after the Android alpha. Beta versions will appear three months after the respective alpha versions. Full release when we feel foobar2000 is ready for prime-time, certain features might not make the initial v1 release.

This section will be expanded throughout this fundraiser campaign, check back often for news and updates,

The initial design brief is to stay true to foobar2000's current ethos, pure playback, with advanced features pioneered by foobar many years ago such as bit perfect playback, replaygain and gapless playback.

Track indexing will use a proven powerful SQL database design, specifically designed for low powered devices.

There will be two versions of foobar2000 mobile, a free and fully featured premium version. The elements Cloud and Social may, or may not have subscription fees attached.

Targeted at Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad (including Air) running iOS 6 or later.

Android runs on a vast choice of devices, foobar2000 will target Android v4 or newer, specifically tailored to main form factors on offer.

Targeted at Windows Phone 8 and Tablets (Windows 8.1), ARM and Intel.

Cloud foobar2000 would offer all management of your music from a single central web location. Your music is securely backed up online, and is collected from multiple sources (computers, NASes, Dropbox, Google Drive, compatible web stores). Whilst online the collection can be managed, album art added and tags corrected. Specific tracks can be synchronized, or the whole collection, in your chosen format. For example a tablet in the home might receive Apple Lossless tracks, whilst your iPhone has efficient AAC encoded tracks. Synchronization happens automatically.

A social foobar2000 is about interacting with your friends, finding out tracks they most listen to, be alerted to new albums & inform friends about new albums you have discovered. Let friends browse your collection, and preview tracks you choose for a limited time.

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Access to private foobar2000 mobile forum & access to developer's blog. Note does not include access to beta, or final version.